Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Nigerian Factor

What is the Nigeria factor? It is the factor that causes many Nigerians to live their lives as it comes. In order words, it’s the factor that encourages vain living, corruption, lawlessness and lack of solutions. It has caused many to believe they cannot live better & more respectable lives. It has caused some to detest revolution subconsciously. The Nigerian factor is simply, the Nigerian mentality.

Have you ever heard someone say, “…This is Nigeria” or “… no be this country?” The pattern of thinking which many Nigerians have adopted is that which enables them to give excuses for their failures. No one will tell you they are at fault in issues concerning the society and nation at large. But, it is our former leaders that always get the blame. The painful part of it is that the few Nigerians that have made the decision to help Nigeria-by examining faulty their lifestyles and making corresponding adjustments-consistently face discouragement.

To make Nigeria realize her true potentials, we must examine ourselves individually. How many times have you received a responsibility on behalf of your country? Yes, our leaders also have their own faults! I’m not in support of the kind of mentality, beliefs and ideas many of them have concerning leadership. But if you were one of them, if you had the kind of mentality of them have, would you have done better? They are not totally responsible for why they do what they do. They are just being conventional. They have overtime, learnt the unjust acts their predecessors had practiced while in leadership. And now that they have the chance revolutionalize things, they choose to trail their erstwhile leaders. Or, why would a diligent, responsible and prospectful leader think this way? : “if it doesn’t pay me, then we’re not enacting it”, “what’s going to get to me from the deal”
I think you should start with yourself. If you decide to make a change, others will join you when they see your diligence, persistence and perseverance. Be a good citizen. Be a hopeful Nigerian. You don’t build a house by laying blocks from the top. Where will the foundation be? Will it be on the air?

To build a great, well-structured Nigeria, the foundation-the Nigerian people, citizens, masses, workers and students should all contribute something towards a revolutionary change every day!
Our future as a nation depends on many things, but mostly on us. Let us put an end to bribery and corruption, selfishness, self-centeredness, exam malpractices, inter-religions strife and tribal unrest. Let us begin with ourselves, so we can make this nation realize her goals. Let those who see faults in our leadership system work on themselves too. Let our leaders demonstrate greater sense of responsibility and drive. And if they refuse to do so, let the youths of this nation prepare for glory.

Let us prepare ourselves for a perfect kind of effective leadership. Let us build up our individual selves to possess efficient leadership skills that hate indiscipline and incompetence with passion. By so doing, we will be able to correct the mistakes our erstwhile leaders have made and keep making. After all, it’s our personalities that’d get better.

Do not be discouraged. Our diverse tribes and ethnic groups shouldn’t be a barrier to a revolution. Rather, they should be one of our means of impacting other nations. Or, who said we cannot live peacefully and wonderfully together as one? Never believe it but always dismiss it! Decide today, to begin making revolutions wherever you go. Keep the fires of transformation burning in you and let there be a drastic revolution!


  1. Moraks, you have blessed my soul with your write up. I'm delighted to know that there are young Nigerians like you. That means that all hope is not lost for I used to worry a lot about what will become of Nigeria with the kind of young people I come across these days. Young people who don't believe they can get a job or admission, unless somebody talks on their behalf; young people who don't believe that rules are to be obeyed; young people who, because of the perverseness they have seen in the country, don't believe they have a future.
    I thank God for you, and your parents/mentors (this fire of yours certainly has a source). Please keep on keeping on, for you will certainly go places, it can't be otherwise!

  2. Wise words. Keep the spirit alive, help is on the way.

  3. @Both: thank you very much for your kind comments.


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