Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Journey: the depth of confidence

Confidence is not a virtue everyone you meet on your way to destiny will possess.In fact, anyone who has got enough confidence to be themselves picked it up their way up. Many of us, either decided to obtain it through consistent practice or got it into us through some past experiences we've had.

Personally, I feel there's more to confidence than moderate self-esteem or optimum way of thinking. I think it has more to do with knowing who you are , where you're going and how to get there rather than with positive thinking. In fact, in my own opinion, confidence is a value that comes with consistence practice of good habits and characters that help an individual attain a higher level in the hierarchy of goodly personality. Simply put, confidence is being certain that whatever comes your way, you'd always find a honest way out.

We all need it ! Confidence is an essential value we must all possess or at least, endeavour to possess. It takes confidence to overcome storms such as those which life exposes us to.We all need it.We can all have.But, we need to work towards it! Ciao!

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