Saturday, 25 October 2008

A familiar Breathe

( A poem written firstly, for a friend and then, my friends. And finally, a poem dedicated to life, zoe, iye.)

The breathe of a stranger might cause a snare
A smile from a stranger will I not spare
For like ghosts dressed in horrible attires
The breathe of a stranger frightens more than deadly spiders
But, a familiar breathe could calm a troubled heart

I dare not stare a stranger in the face
I dare not set unfamiliarity into racing pace
No, not that my ways are as unclean as homeless pigs
Neither have I really purposed in my heart to keep away from pigs
But, it’s all because of the presence of a familiar breathe

My heart is heavy and stationary at a stranger’s intrusion (imminent silence)
My mouth is filled with seeds of silence-growing with essence
My intellectual mind goes blank with total emptiness
Oh! What could rescue me from this horrible filthiness?
I know no nearer remedy; no better antidote; no quicker healing
than the breathe of a familiar life

When my heart is filled with drought and emptiness
And it seems to have lost every impression of happiness
I desire no other cure for this enslaving disease of blankness
For, no other remedy promises me instant redemption
I say, none does it like the assuring presence of a familiar breathe

I have seen several eyes and numerous hairstyles
I have perceived countless mindsets from distant miles
I have noticed diverse gifts and talents locked up in various human personalities
And, I too have received several attentions with joyous lifting of elation
But none has lifted my soul like the flow from a familiar breathe

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