Thursday, 30 April 2009

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In African nations today, corruption has become a force to be reckoned with.It lives with the citizenry and runs in the blood of several government leaders. The people who are suppposed to be providing solutions are the very ones aggravating the weight of corruption; they are the very ones who sustain the existence of this force.

If we say there are many unqualified leaders in Africa, we are right. But if we refuse to mention the origin, we have made an unfair judgement. Corrution came to Africa based on two factors: Illiteracy & Crudeness. Before many African countries gained independence, while the white men were still ruling, corruption was unintentionally introduced to the supposed pace setters in Africa.

I said "unintentionally" because, though the intention of those folks was to cheat and make money out of Africa(using our resources), they never thought of the act of laziness and indiscipline they were imparting into the typical African leader-as at then, the tribal chiefs.On the long run, there was a transference of this act from the fathers back then down to the leaders of today.

History has it well documented that unruly activities such as slavery, bribery, deception, sexual abuse, etc were part of the "Aliens' dealing".
Corruption has come as a result of ignorance, illiteracy and greed on the part of several African leaders and the past has been put where it rigtly belongs. But the solutions still remains these:
the citizens in African nations must be educated to imbibe productive culture, to pass on education, to encourage peace at all times, to be disciplined and maintain order, to promote creativity and punish criminal offences appropriately.

Likewise, relevant education must be upheld as a strict pre-requisite for leadership at all ramifications, from local government chairmen to commisioners to state governors to ministers, senators, special advisers, reps and the office of the president.

I believe that a consistent implementation fo these and other possible solutions will cause a real change in Africa. See what is happening in Nigeria and typically, in Lagos State. The Leadership seems to be sticking to right procedures and goal setting...That says it all! Africa still needs to be monitored with good counsel, lovingkindness and continuous help. Let the world's concern be available her.

From Morakinyo Ayo and

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