Friday, 11 September 2009

Point of Problem: Stall-Fed Cattle

In Nigeria today, leaders that know the right are endless in number but the percentage of those that do them remains minimal. Among such are rare visionaries like Raji Fashola & Adams Oshiomole. That does not mean they, themselves, cannot do better but then, their performance in office cannot be ignored when compared with that of some other governors. If more of such citizens are given the chance to lead, I believe more problems will be solved.

We are leaving the era when selfish and incompetent members of the citizenry are allowed to lead the larger majority thereby wrecking havoc instead of providing durable solutions. The days when leaders who have been spoon-fed by corrupt and fraudulent persons in our society gain undue admission into public offices are now finite. The innocent, the elite and even the poor have suffered and learnt from their mistakes. Let us just hope that unlike dogs, we do not return to our own vomit.

Now, the issue at hand is ensuring that we maintain this pattern of change that has started and strive to move along this trend, being optimistic that things will get better. I believe Nigeria's present status is a function of her content (the kind of resources and citizens she harbours). Hence, if we do not become a better people, we should not expect to see the emergence of a better Nigeria.