Monday, 30 November 2009

We are Men

We are men who fear a God we do not see
We are men who uphold justice at the hospice
We are men, fond of our wives and mothers
We are men, bound by the good of the land

We are men to our fears
We are men by our tears
We are men of our words
We are there for our wards

We are trained by the lamenting needs in the society
We are strained by the needless sufferings in our community
We abstain from the enchanting love of money
We can make money from even the sale of honey

We are men made under pressure
We are men by every humble measure
We are against every human sponsor of Nigeria’s evil show
We are empowered by the God we live to know

But there are men against us
Men who hate righteousness despise us
Men who eat with the devil to escape from us
Men who live with the oracles that war against us

They are men who boast of mammon as their lifeguard
Men, who stand with principalities on the devil’s vanguard
Men, who live in riches at the expense of lives they extinguish
Being men who are too dull to make money by fair means, they languish

They know why electric power must never be reliable
They know why refineries must never be operational
They know why railway transportation must never be resurrected
They know everything except progressive thinking

They are men by their own standards
They are babies by our own standards
They are spared by their lifeguard’s temporal verve
We are men, spared by the mighty God we serve

The Transparent Mind(c)2009.
Ayo Morakinyo is, by all yardsticks, a provoked Nigerian. By God’s grace, he says what he believes and lives what he says. He longs to see a better Nigeria and hopes he does not run of out patience. Alleging that he is a sporadic freak, friends have named him the careless poet-an identity he has modified to the transparent mind.


  1. Nice Poem Moraks who says the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon .


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