Monday, 1 June 2009

Insights From Sight-seeing

Every temptation has a way of escape; every challenge has a weak point. Discovering it, is what we need to do. Just as building bricks are easier to crush when you hit them at a point of crack, our problems are easier to solve when we take time out to analyse them and seek for smallest details we have not been paying attention to. And this approach works in most for cases and at most times. The only time at which this methodolgy proves ineffective is when the time out is an additional problem itself. This happens when there is no tolerance for an additional use of time. But eventually, a consistent practitioner or user of the "weak-point-location" strategy becomes faster in his analysis and gains credible skills that afford him proactive ability in this regard. Consequently, he is able to solve problems faster and more easily.

It costs no real effort to build castles in the air. It cost a fortune to build just one castle in life. At one or more points in our lives, we have all built glorious castles in the empty air. We have had occasions when we stimulate our imagination to fascinate our sense of fantasy. There may have been times when you imagine that you're in the White House when you're just in your study room. And boy, is it not a pleasurable thing enter to into the dreamland where you get exactly what you want before you eventually get it in reality? It sure is! Yes, yours may not have been the white house but there must have been something,a place or an experience that appeals to your fantasy. However, it worthy to stress that a problem may arise when this imaginary activity becomes excessively triggered. It could be a very frustrating event to always see something you will never become. It is more humiliating when you try all you can to achieve that thing and still, you seem to chisel no breakthrough in its direction. And perhaps, the most terrifying experience a human being can have is to always try to achieve something, always get close to it but never get it.Some geniuses have lost it through a continual misappropriation of their imaginative ability and several sane human beings still go mad once in a while.
Sincerely, I have had a few of those moments of fantasy and it has not been fun in the slightest bit! But one thing has kept me going: I have been opportuned to realise that in life, you don't get all you want (and that includes the good things you see some other people get). Otherwise, if you get what you want all the time, other people will suffer for it. Many others around you will never get what they really want. Every good thing that should happen to each individual has varying appointed times and as such, if you try to get what you should not have at a particular time, you will either get the things you don't want along with it or, you will never get that thing you want no matter how you try.
I give an instance, a 20-year-old man who has not discovered the solution to a global problem, whose father is not a global industrialist and whose talents are not extraordinary might be doing a lot of wrongs if he is attempting to own a chain of industry within a one year period. The requirements for the achievement of that dream are too cumbersome for him to meet such that it makes his dream unrealistic with the current global settings. However, if he applies strength, funds and ideas in that direction sometime down the lane of his lifetime, he might succeed with just a single hit!
This being true, makes me understand that there is a schedule of available opportunities for each person and that as we add each new day to our days on earth, certain things must be consciouly done. We must do the necessary and minimise the unnecessary. Minimise the unnecesary? Yes, minimise it! You could never be so perfect and freaky that you do just all the things that are pertinent to your life purpose. We never do that! If we live our lives purposefully, most but not all of the things we do with our lives are usually related to our life purpose. But since, it is humanly to engage ourselves in diverse unwarranted activities based on our imperfect choices, we tend to play away once in a while. Nevertheless, when we make such discoveries or realise these frivolities, we must drop them anf refocus on hitting our targets. It is such practices that make us ready and worthy in the scheme of global relevance. They bring us into the proximity of the main things we need, many of which we would have grown to deserve. Hence, the only necessary thing is to prepare, by doing the right things which remain the pre-requisites for reaching the destinations we've chosen in life.
Friends, I charge you to build less castles in the air but do more of hardwork because such venture could be a waste of imaginative thinking. Do it when it is required to gain happiness while implementing your plans and to sustain your most cherished dreams. But more importantly, work on yourself, prepare workable plans and make your life ready. Let us acquire relevant skills and pursue contemporary education. Let us set your sails now so that when the wind comes blowing, we'd be ready to sail on the sea to our most desired island of greatness. Cheers!