Monday, 27 December 2010

Face to face with Peril

A moment, it was just a smooth journey on a tiny road
Another, it was looming death disguised as two crazy truck drivers
As enormous shock ran up my spine at the speed of light,
The idea of prayer absconded at the speed of sound

How could I have escaped tribulation?
Other passengers had even worsened the atmosphere
Suddenly, the pants of the guy next to me was soaked in urine
Again, the girl behind me couldn’t press the stop button- her scream filled my head
And own teeth auto-clenched as my eyes prepared to see an inelastic collision

If you once faced an angry and hungry death
Then, you’d know what I really sensed
Imminent evil struggled in my heart with the want for mustard-seed faith
Who rescued me, the saving grace of God or the angels?

But in the split of a moment, it was all over
Either the driver found the breaks or the breaks stopped the tires
... ... ...

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