Wednesday, 15 December 2010


If it’s locked up in your heart, open it up
It it’s hooked up in your mind, let it down
If it’s enslaved in your head, let it loose
Don’t mistake a possibility for a ridiculous jargon
No idea is as useless as a rickety lifeless wagon

If it’s an intention, put it down
Never keep it in the dungeon of your brain
A brainchild is about to be born alive
Never cause a still-born by delaying the bringing forth
Nobody gets rewarded for something they wanted to bring forth

You won’t be rewarded for having good intentions
You won’t be awarded for thinking good ideas
It’s what you show as a product that attracts attention
No one would thank the tortoise for having a shell
No one would appreciate the snail for keeping a shell

Don’t let it die in you
... ... ...

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