Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A Good Woman in Nigeria

If the world refuses to give the women folk a voice
If the scheme of opportunities remain less favourable to ladies
If the girl child is not chanced to maximise her potentials
Then the tale of exploits we keep telling would be a cooked fable

We have told the eternal tale of good deeds
We have written the amazing stories of glorious titans
We have witnessed the unmatchable endurance of fearless heroines
Yet, we have remained silent to the indifference of this sitting generation

How many more women must die with undiscovered potentials?
How many more must die with unmatchable inventive ideas?
How long more shall we attempt to keep female geniuses from the spotlight?
Yet, we clamour the realization of indiscrimination and the arrival of civilization

We praise the ape man for his persistent inventive ability in the medieval ages
But we forget the women who were there to assist and motivate him
We give kudos to the masculine geniuses that ever lived
But we ignore the motherhood that nurtured and trained them

Many a woman is as brave as Kudirat Abiola the kind
A good mother, a faithful wife and a supporter of scarce justice
Many more women would do as well as madam Tinubu the deliverer
Whose wealth and wisdom comforted the lives of countless slaves

The peak of scholastic work is only neared by diligent academicians
But the same was reached by an intelligent Grace Alele Williams
The fight for human rights was reckoned to be a feat for bold men
But the same exploits as performed by Diana Wiwa cannot be forgotten

There has not been another lioness as fearless as Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
The Lioness of Africa and a colossal force against colonial rule
Yesterday has enjoyed the bravery, brilliance and beauty of the Nigerian woman
Today is pleased to witness the continuity of such exceptional exploits

The sun that shines today has witnessed the commitment of greater women
Dora Akunyili’s contribution to national health security is an indelible mark
Lives of the innocent were kept by her tenacity and commitment to good works
Many ghosts would wish she had received the baton of salvation earlier

Ngozi Nweala’s efforts on our crying economy was dynamic
Her skilfulness in economics worn her a top seat in the bank of this world
Her resignation from the proffered office speaks volume of her righteousness
And, the good woman from Nigeria keeps a home and a family together

Abike Dabiri is a woman of great dreams and outstanding aspirations
The poor of this nation have taken solace in her good works
The orphans in this land have found their lost childhood in her efforts
The politics of this nation have seen a clean hand play a dirty game

My mother has the spirit of a mighty hero living in her heart
Her commitment to hard work has bred a giant in my little heart
Her words of enthusiasm and persistence has killed my many doubts
I am indebted to her with the coin of expectation to succeed in life

This is a debt whose remembrance puts a smile on my lonely face
I will pay her with a wife having good character and a valiant spirit
I will shame her troubles and be the answer to her prayers
And only a virtuous and diligent companion will give these dreams a chance

If there is a good woman in Nigeria,
There can be a good wife in Nigeria
If there can be a good mother in a good wife,
There can be more good women in Nigeria

Indeed, yesterday was good and today could be better
Tomorrow is promising and the future will be the best
For, if one woman can change anything
Then, many women can change everything!

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