Tuesday, 8 March 2011

One and the Other

A swollen fist and a broken wrist
A bloody eye and a crumbled thigh
The deed is done and a fate is sealed
One vagabond is dying and the other gleams with satisfaction

A rich old man and a pretty young woman
A man who wants to see the structure concealed by fashion
A girl who wants to possess the luxury she cannot afford
One is without shame and the other is without moral scruples

A curious eye and a dubious mind
An impatient spirit and two duping hands
A desperate young man and a gang of thoughtless friends
One is without good counsel and the others are without a wise member

A jobless adult and a go-getter who never accepts failure
An old school mate and former course mate
Both bump into each other and share timely experiences
One story is full of pleasant lies and the other has nothing to hide

A corrupt leader and an irresponsible family member
A fraudulent manager and a deceptive director
An association of both yields an origin of community setback
One is without good ethics and the other is reaping the fruits of others’ labour

A good job and a busy life
A busy couple and a bunch of kids trained by the media
An adventurous boy and a curious girl
One has no dad to consult and the other has an exposed friend

Vagabonds do not drop from heaven neither do criminals grow from the soil
... ... ...

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