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This is not a poem neither is it a story. It is merely an expression of thoughts.

I did not write a thing about Nigeria on October 1, 2011. Yes, that’s very unlike me. I was not being lazy and it was not due to lack of insights that I did not write. I only thought of ideas that could work and realized the guilt of all. I wrote nothing, I only pondered for hours.

In the paragraph above, the word “I” was used 6 times while “Nigeria” appeared just once. This is the issue with Nigeria and Nigerians, especially our leadership. Many of us, citizens and leaders alike, are full of the spirit of self and are starkly self-seeking.

We have ambitions and goals and certainly have the right to nurture and pursue them. But as we strive to attain greater heights in life, care must be taken to not live self-centredly. Other people should not suffer because we exist.

Men have responsibilities towards their wives and children. They must lead, provide and protect. Women must support the men and nurture the home. The children must go to school and come home with good report cards.

These are societal norms but they must be achieved on the basis of fairness. Should men because of family quench other lives? May women curse their husbands if they follow what is good? Is there any reason why children should cheat in examinations?

No one is perfect and if there is, he is probably not a Nigerian. Since imperfection will corrupt perfection, nothing done by man can be without errors. We err because we know in part and understand in part. Without being heavily strengthened in the inner man, we will not achieve anything perfect.

In the months of August and September 2011, I learnt two lessons. One, Persistence means not slacking when God is leading. And two, Patience means not running ahead of God. The first is the reason why we become stagnant and the second is why some get lost.

However, one thing is needful (even for Nigeria); to move forward, all stakeholders must contribute sacrifice. Some will sacrifice their selfishness; others their cowardice; and the rest, their contentment sustained by the will to survive.
We will have to die to self or self will have to die. It is the way out. The self that will not pray, love, vote, speak up, work hard or be controlled must die. We will have to commit the murder of self and take the risk of not achieving certain inordinate personal goals.

In the end, not everyone listening to motivational speakers will become a second Bill Gates or a younger Warren Buffet. But truly, time and chance will happen to all. We may not be able to change what we have but we can always change who we are and how the world sees us.

Yesterday we had problems. Today we are not without many problems and only God knows what awaits us on the streets of tomorrow. There will always be something to overcome; a challenge, a problem, a stumbling block. So, here is a finally shared microidea or “minileak”: As much as depends on you, follow peace with all men but know that He sees you and is waiting for you. He is God. He is not man.
God bless you Nigeria. We love you our country. So, do not die Nigeria, Do not die.

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