Monday, 23 July 2012

Unity & Patriotism are Major Benefits of Sports

In any nation-state, unity and patriotism are two major benefits obtainable from sports. When two people of different cultures and colour participate in the same game and abide by the same rules, fairness and equity is often regarded by a regulatory official.

Former Nigerian Football Team
Consequently, members of the same team see other participants as their opponents and unite to compete against them. Though those in the same team may have many differences, such differences are overlooked and the common goal of winning the game helps unite them.

In the Nigerian national football team, persons with different religious beliefs, tribal belongings and geographical origins are combined. It is expected by the fans that all members of the team cooperate to uplift the entire nation. In the end, everyone overlooks our differences, giving way to unity and a patriotic spirit. We share in the excitement and disappointments encountered in the tournament.

Secondly, employment and economic growth emerge as a results of sports. In places like the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France and Germany, football leagues provide massive employment for many citizens. Again, in the United States, basketball and golf are very prominent and lucrative sporting activities. Huge funds are used to run such business-centred competitions and this further helps to balance the cash flow of the associated countries. The electronic entertainment industry has also tapped into the leisure aspect of sports by producing gaming appliances for global consumers. As such, more people are employed globally and economies grow.

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