Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Come Back To Who You Are

Late Chief MKO Abiola's Statue
You sons of men
Forget not the ways of your fathers
And harden not your hearts to these bitter truths
Your youthful years are numbered
And your dark hairs will soon turn grey

Restore the glory of your holy ancestors
Gather clay in vehemence veined with passion
And rebuild the towers of our beloved nation
Restore the stolen treasures in our society
Bring back the days of sanity, rest and tranquillity

Demolish the barriers of language and ethnicity
Invest your strength in changing and praying
Protect the heartbeat of this blessed Nigeria and
Consecrate the hearts of these unborn infants
With the discipline of spoon-fed love

Seek not the hunger of thy neighbour in selfishness
But bear in mind the hungry and thirsty
Unto whom you are accountable as leaders
Seek peace, honour love and discern the times
That our land may come back to who she is