Friday, 24 August 2012

The Village Woman -by Walenda Peggy

Obtained from Mohaart of Deviant Art
Because you were born a woman
You must understand
The village is hungry
And you are its hand

Empty jerricans will yawn at you,
Howling your name
You must feed them

Empty fireplaces will glare at you
Bellowing your name,
You must feed them

Empty stomachs will grumble at you
Mumbling your name
You must feed them

Empty plates will sit at tables
Wearing your name in invisible labels
You must feed them

Village woman, your job says:
“Cut and feed, fetch and fill
You must fill bellies from dawn to dusk
Dusk to dawn, dawn to dusk…”

You can sleep, but when it’s dawn
You must answer another yawn.

by Walenda Peggy