Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Letter to Young Builders --by Jumoke Rasaq

Think of this as a correspondence from the land of Nigeria herself


October 1, 2012 .

Dear Young Builder,

          Today, I want to thank you for staying true to me all this while. Your smiles fuel my hold on breathe to live on. Thank you for not giving up on me.

        Year in year out, the claws of selfish leaders tear hope away from my dream. Yet, your belief in me has not waned. Thank you for choosing to stand despite the sinking sand; for your bricks of faith, sands of hope, pillars of resilience, water of determination and zeal of responsibility... Thank you.

       As always, I have a vision, you know the vision -just keep building. If I have not collapsed in the face of economic recession, religious crisis and poor leadership, then I need your belief, hard work and honesty to keep me standing.

      Don't stop praying for me -though I need more than that. Don't stop believing in me, I can't have enough of it. Let not your faith in me stagger nor your hope waver. Every cloud has a silver lining and mine has got loads of it, including golden ones.

      Thank you for seeing beyond my now... Keep building! Keep hoping! God bless you, God bless me and God bless Africa.

One of your carpenters,

Written by Olajumoke Rasaq, a co-builder.