Friday, 11 January 2013

Get Busy!

A friend once said during a chat, “Every result can be traced to an act of diligence; nobody goes up through idleness.” I absolutely concur. In fact, I think life is comparable to a tournament; some persist and win, others give up and lose; some are here to participate, others are here to watch; but whether or not you are living for something, time will tell it to the rest of us. You cannot do everything. But there is, at least, one thing you can do. That thing is (or those things are) what you must find and do.

No one builds tangibility out of inactivity. You cannot build a good history with idle hands. Only emptiness can be crafted out of idleness. You can not obtain productivity without positive activity. Hence, it becomes necessary for every youth to get busy at something worthwhile. It is only when you get down to work that you own the chance to get up with results! If you are yet to find anything to do for yourself, volunteer and help others do theirs. While helping others, you will have the room to discover the things you would really love to do too. To help cure anyone of the disease of not knowing what to do (idleness), engage them in positive activity.

A man who has nothing to pursue will have nothing to possess. Our possessions are not procured by our abilities but our actions. We must not only recognise our abilities; we must go ahead and act. The deeds of yesterday have contributed to where you are today and your status tomorrow will be a direct consequence of today’s action. Perhaps, it is true that you cannot eat your cake and have it. If you sow rubbish, you will reap rubbish. Input always determines output. Do not allow idleness deceive you; for while you give it your “today”, he steals your “tomorrow” from you. If you sacrifice the short term pleasure of idleness, you will enjoy the long term dividends of fruitfulness.

Friends, idleness offers nothing other than nothing itself. Doing what you ought to do when you should has many rewards. Till we connect again, go and fight the parasite of time. Go get busy!