Monday, 18 February 2013

Why I Believe God Exists

If you believe God exists and were asked to explain the reason for your belief, what would you say? Would you explain that it’s because your parents hold the same belief and when you were a child they told you, “Up there beyond the skies, someone called God exists.” What if your parents didn’t really know how to explain but couldn’t tell you so? What if they don’t know what to believe themselves?

Truly, there are so many religious groups in the world today and majority of them claim obeisance and belief in divinity or God. In fact, apart from ever-growing memberships on social media portals, the largest groups of people are members of various religious groups. Many of them belief in the existence of God based on individual conviction while many more are either seeking a sense of belonging or scared of choosing otherwise. A relative few may be undecided while the rest may have inherited this belief. But, what about you? If you belief in the existence of God, upon what do you base this belief?

Let me share a non-religious and perhaps scientific dimension to the idea of the existence of God. I recently engaged a non-Christian in a discussion about the smallest unit of life or what scientists refer to as cell and emerged with a series of questions. The answers to the following questions are the reasons why I believe in the existence of God:
  • A minuscule insect, as small as it is, has life. Yet, when it climbs a man’s body and bites him, it tries to run away. Why is it running away? What did it realise after biting the man? What does it think will happen if it gets caught?
  • When a child is born, he does not know what is good or bad. He simply makes choices innocently and learns from what others do. He is born with a brain made up of cells. However, no one ever teaches a child to steal. Stealing is one of the things he must be taught to not do. So, why does a child whose brain can be compared to a relatively empty memory drive, try to steal and then lie? Is he trying to follow an inherent algorithm? Is he trying to exhibit his parent’s genetic traits? If yes, where did his parents and all their ancestors get it from?
  • Man is made up of several cells that function together and born naked. So, why is it wrong to step out of one’s house and walk down the street naked? If man is truly a higher animal, why should he feel ashamed? Why also do some persons called strippers get paid for going naked? Why do others pay to see their nakedness? Where do all these ideas, whether corrupt or good, come from?
  • Where do inspirations come from? All men have similar configurations yet, not all men are inventors. Why do some invent something complex, some invent simple entities and others use or consume their inventions? Who creates this difference? Among inventors, there are those who promote life and those who do otherwise. What makes this so?
  • If cells have life, then where did the life come from? When cells die, where do their lives go to?

Don’t go mad. That is not my intention. I simply believe there is a spirit in every man influencing his decisions. This spirit receives inspiration from elsewhere and influences the behaviour of that man. This spirit sustains life because it is life itself and has an identity called soul. It is this same spirit that is present in insects, snails, elephants, lions, crocodile, flowers, trees and every thing that science says has cell or life. When the spirit leaves, the creature dies away. For me, there is nothing confusing here. If a man and woman would copulate and life would be introduced, then someone must have put it there. Beyond the walls of academic rooms, I reject the theory of evolution and embrace the truth of life. I believe there is God on one side and something else on the other. What do you believe?