Monday, 4 March 2013

Where Babies Come From

I think I know where babies come from. As a matter of fact, they come from where they come from!
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A little girl once taught Bill Cosby how this stuff happens. A store keeper who probably lives on earth goes to heaven to get "them babies" and ships them to a hospital here on earth. Then the mother goes to the hospital to retrieve her baby with an ID number. That's how. Oh, kindly save your questions for later and ask the young professor in the video below.

Do you remember that funny line used by motivational speakers when they want to remind you of how special you really are? Yes. I'm referring to, "...out of over 1 million sperms, you made it through and here you are... so, why should you be feeling down and inferior...when you are so special?" Well, it is actually true that you are very special. Previous research findings at Oakland University by Dr Charles Lindemann have shown that the average number of sperm produced by man at each ejaculation is approximately 280 million. I understand that sheep, cows and pigs (other than guinea pigs) do more than that.

Many of the sperms do not make it to the finish line where the egg is waiting and feeling lucky like, at the extreme end of what scientists and medical experts call the fallopian tube. Just a few and perhaps, a couple of tens of spermatozoans (depending on the ability of the man's reproductive system to produce them) eventually reach the "innermost court". Out of all the finalists that swim to the egg's waiting room, only one sperm gets to fertalise it. Now, all that competitive activity happens within several mimutes before Mother Nature crowns one sperm the champion of the triathlon.

Today, I don't think someone else would have come if another spermatozoan had fertilised an ovum the day my zygote form was created. If a different sperm had fertilised the ovum, I still would have emerged as the same person. I may just look different on the outside, perhaps with a different gender; but on the inside, I'd still have the same spirit or life. More importantly, I'd have the same inherent purpose. I believe this applies to everyone. When we are formed as zygote, we enter a vessel and grow up in it. When we're done, we exit the body and leave. Babies come from where we all came from. And just like babies, each one of us is special.

After watching the video below, which is an interesting clip from the old Bill Cosby humour series, I guess you'd think twice before answering the question, "Where do babies come from?" Enjoy!

You are indeed special. You have a reason or purpose for living. Find it. Pursue it. Achieve it.