Monday, 24 June 2013


You wake up and it’s late in the morning
It’s ten o’clock but you’re still yawning
Your mates are already off to work
But for you, even that sleep was work!

You brush your teeth quickly and sit on the sofa
Boy, even the TV knows you’re a loafer
From show to show you stick to the screen,
Chewing white gum till your face turns green

Then at noon, it’s time to take your brunch
And it’s everything your eyes see that you crunch
You eat so much till even your teeth grow fat
And you’re determined to lose weight by a simple chat

You hit the bed and the bed complains
Mocking your body because it’s never the same
You bite your nails and snore aloud
I guess all these “achievements” have made you proud

An idle man is a regular prisoner of boredom
Play and consume- that is how he intends to build an empire
And the folly he nurtures tells him his time is long
Truly, life is short but idleness makes it seem long. 

First Published as Minus Productivity on Taking IT Global's Panorama Magazine