Sunday, 20 October 2013

Communication (I Mean Its Technology) Has Influenced Our Lives

Communication technology has really changed the way we live.
First, sanitation is at risk because, like Jared Cohen of Google Ideas pointed out, there are more active smart devices in use in the world today than there are toothbrushes.
Though I may not be able to speak for Asia or the rest of Africa, I know Nigerians too well to not admit that technology has affected us.
When some of us city people go to bed at night, the last thing we part with is often a smartphone, tablet or notebook. Many of those who do not share in this fad but own such devices are usually conservative folks or non-youths. Others are wannabes who do not really know the full functionalities of their phones.
Yet, a lot of techies tend to use their devices everywhere –in traffic, at meetings and while eating. To save time and multitask, some people even use them while in the toilet.
You can’t blame some folks because that is what their jobs demand. When you have a lot of mails to read and have to read them to stay on point, you might even find yourself using your devices at night in your dreams. I know folks who get up to 1200 emails per day! And no, they don’t work inside the circuits and ports that make up the internet. They too claim to be ordinary human beings. For such people, the obvious and smart way to go is to setup various devices to receive these mails so they can read them anywhere.
Most of the folks that own a portable internet device (such as a 3G or 4G mobile phone, an ipad, a palmtop, tablet, playbook, notebook and any other existing i-thing or screened-book you know) have formed some sort of relationship with these tech devices. I know a couple of writers who have given names like Aduke, Arike and Ashake to their devices. These names are not based on a scientific nomenclature. Rather, they are Nigerian names that I hear human beings answer. It takes a relationship to achieve that...
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The world is going digital and things are becoming nano-sized. Yet, some items still seem very irreplaceable at the moment. Toilet papers might just be one of them. Here is a funny tissue paper ad I saw sometime ago:

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