Monday, 4 August 2014

Deciding the Undecided

Recently, I realized the importance of human perspectives and how to balance them with a sense of commitment. A man that always strives to have a good conscience before man and God will be rendered vulnerable to situations where he finds it difficult to make decisions that hurt either God or man. This experience may not occur simply because the man is emotional. It may happen because the man needs to learn how to actualize the politics of human relations and godly reverence effectively.

A commitment is a decision that is made as a fundamental guiding principle based on a person's ideology. When a person makes a commitment, whether based on a personal decision or sense of spiritual responsibility, the weight of fulfilling that commitment automatically sums up and hangs on their neck either as a burden or continuous task.

Therefore, it is necessary for such a man to communicate the commitments existing in his life to key human acquaintances and the almighty God who are the ultimate stakeholders to whom he is accountable. Failure to find or create a situation where such communication efforts produce timely results may lead him to make an indecisive decision. This is the type of decision that is made when a person's perspective does not get checked properly and it may result into unexpected or complicated circumstances. Hence, men and women of commitment must take heed.

Perspectives are meant to change; especially when they will solve problems for most of the people concerned. That is why they are called perspectives, that is, views that are held by a person which are subject to change when the need to solve problems arise. This experience is a common trend for persons who are interested in the subject of leadership in every society that esteems the rights of the individual.

So, the lesson here for young leaders is to analyze situations in ways that are not conventional, communicate with stakeholders in a manner that strategically conveys the weight of commitment made and choose the problem-solving approach that leads to a decisive decision.

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