Saturday, 29 November 2014


This day is next to the last 24hours that will usher in a new month. New blessings await me in the new month and the next year.

It is with much gladness that I bless the name of the Lord my God for His bountiful blessings. I anticipate a new month of good tidings and a new year of manifold prosperity.

The things which I found difficult in earlier times this year will become easy. In fact, things are already becoming easy for me.

I appreciate the Lord for the joy that has continually increased in my life. The joy of the Lord has been my strength. His mercy is prevailing over judgement. His grace is not far from my reach. His wealth has remained among the promises that will manifest.

I have become one of those whose lives will transform the status of nations and inspire hopefulness. For in spite of the many challenges that I have faced, the Lord has not allowed me to waste away. He has not taken away the heritage of a noble child from my life. Of course, God has many children but I consider myself one of His favourites.

So, what shall I do than to give Him thanks? To appreciate Him for what He has done and will yet do? To conquer doubt about the brightness of my future which is hidden in Him? To continually give thanks for what He will yet do?

I am grateful to God for everything. He is the best God that ever is. I am blessed in all of the earth because His Joy is my strength and He is the lifter up of my head.

Many lessons were learnt this year. Many blessings will manifest following. Amen.

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