Friday, 7 November 2014

Testifying of the Lord’s Goodness

Sometimes, I ask myself if I am doing the right things. I ask myself this because the decisions I have had to make in recent times are not the same as the ones I had to make last year and the year before.
I ponder and realize that I have friends, family and a very caring God who is so jealous to preserve me and prosper me.

I am not the most spiritual guy. Yet, He makes sure that His Holy Spirit does not abandon his duties regarding me. I am not the most handsome but He ensures that the most intelligent and beautiful ladies are my friends. I am not the wisest, yet He gives me an aura of respect among wise men.
I realize that my future is bright. Regardless of whatever doubts may exist in the mind or heart, the will of God is to move me into the realm of abundance where I have need of nothing because I lack nothing good. That when I want to have something, arrangements have already been made for it to come into my possession.

I am therefore grateful to God that the spate of depression and spiritual wickedness that has succeeded in cutting down the future of many young men, has not overcome me. Indeed, I have boasted in flesh before and mouthed in my own strength in times past. But now, my boasting is in the Lord. My mouthing is based on the power, riches, strength, grace, honour and health that He gives.

I have become a sign unto many, a wonder to great men and an international icon in the making. My generation, even to the ends of the earth, is blessed because of me. The stone which the builders rejected has now become the chief cornerstone. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in my eyes. Praised be the King of all creatures and the universe.

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