Saturday, 29 November 2014


This day is next to the last 24hours that will usher in a new month. New blessings await me in the new month and the next year.

It is with much gladness that I bless the name of the Lord my God for His bountiful blessings. I anticipate a new month of good tidings and a new year of manifold prosperity.

The things which I found difficult in earlier times this year will become easy. In fact, things are already becoming easy for me.

I appreciate the Lord for the joy that has continually increased in my life. The joy of the Lord has been my strength. His mercy is prevailing over judgement. His grace is not far from my reach. His wealth has remained among the promises that will manifest.

I have become one of those whose lives will transform the status of nations and inspire hopefulness. For in spite of the many challenges that I have faced, the Lord has not allowed me to waste away. He has not taken away the heritage of a noble child from my life. Of course, God has many children but I consider myself one of His favourites.

So, what shall I do than to give Him thanks? To appreciate Him for what He has done and will yet do? To conquer doubt about the brightness of my future which is hidden in Him? To continually give thanks for what He will yet do?

I am grateful to God for everything. He is the best God that ever is. I am blessed in all of the earth because His Joy is my strength and He is the lifter up of my head.

Many lessons were learnt this year. Many blessings will manifest following. Amen.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Page or Next Phase?

I have had various phases in my life. There have been cyclic, transitional and repetitive phases.
Though many consider me a spiritual bloke, I do not know if it’s true or not. What I know is that I am a young man working towards achieving a great life and adding value to humanity. Part of what defines me include spending time with religious, or permit me to say, godly people. When I shine or show this devotion in some other places, they consider me spiritual. Yet, I do not know if things like reading a Holy Book, praying to God or attending church service as much as time allows are factors that determine a spiritual person. If they do, that is by chance. It means that by doing what I consider ordinary, others have given me an extraordinary honour.

I used to be very emotional. I agree. Today, I am no longer that person. Sometime ago, I had a girlfriend who seemed to meet the definition of someone I wanted to spend time with but couldn’t do so with and that experience almost took me off my feet. The issue was beyond affection or genuine interest. It had a bearing with commitment and trying to keep one’s word. As a young man, I actually thought I was being tested by the girl and the circumstances that arose whereas, life was actually going on and she really expected me to move on. This was the very girl I wanted to please by taking interest in subsequent academic venture. I had informed her initially of my interest in management and consulting. But since I did not want to appear like I was calling the shots alone, I tilted.

Till date, I still wonder if she was actually expecting me to mentor her. Was that her secret? I do not know since she never made mention of such. Rather, she took interest in me like someone who was also bringing something to the table. And, I never tried to define the relationship until distance threatened it. And for a girl that belonged to a closely knit family that seemed quite conservative, I wondered if the right thing to do was to ask for dating or talk about courtship. With the advice of friends who knew about it, I asked for something serious and got a negative and yet confusing response. The rest is history.

As a young man, I had a mentor who took interest in a different field. He was an intelligent bloke that many ladies liked in his time. I knew his field was a little different so I kept seeking how to close up the distance. Along the line, he seemed quite busy so, I added one more mentor at my workplace. The environment at my workplace was different and the personality of the other mentor was stronger. So, I had to try to balance the two sides. Sincerely, I liked both mentors and truly respected them. But as time went on, I tilted more towards the mentor at my workplace.

Somewhere along the line. The first mentor flew outside the country for MBA; something that I had personally asked him about when he graduated from university. I remember that he also got married to a beautiful and intelligent lady. Perhaps, that was another reason why I became interested in intelligent ladies; asides the intelligence facts that a Sunday school teacher once gave. Anyways, catching up with the mentor later became difficult. Several months came and went and I suddenly realised that I had changed jobs. I had changed accommodation. I had changed friends. Yet, my expectations were appearing more difficult to meet up with. But I was hopeful and persevering until things went spiritual.

Today, in retrospect, I would say that if there are things that I could redo, if there is a way I could take back the hands of time or if there is a way I could catch up with the goals I set and lost touch with, I would appreciate such and follow suit. I only hope such opportunity, if or when it comes, does not make itself ambiguous, vague or impossible.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Point of Reflection

If I wanted to really go Canada, this is what I would prefer. There are two routes under my preference.

On the one hand, I would like to go there as an MBA student and get enrolled in their provincial nomination subsequently. This would give room for acquisition of experience for business management, economic development and leadership skills. It appears like a three in one package that would not only benefit me but also benefit my home country in the long run. Ask me what I would like to do and I would genuinely say now that if agriculture business is truly receiving attention like the government of Canada claims, if they want to develop their agricultural program and they have avenues for it, then farm management would be a good option. After some time, one would return to apply the experience and exposure with adequate international relations.

On the other hand, direct employment into the skilled portion of their human resource with the prospects of furthering one’s education and gaining exposure would suffice. Subsequently, one could still return to contribute to a better Nigeria in one way or the other.

However, the question of whether or not a person that is approachable and appropriate could be found was not answered within.

Now, the point of reflection here is that though I have had the opportunity to meet with potential groomers of leaders in time past, and could not reach out, or was not adequately aware of the room to connect with them, I have realized that going forward, efforts to connect should at least be made; especially when a physical opportunity appears in the atmosphere of potential groomers.

Yet, the fact remains that whether or not a person is a good fit good prospect for mentorship or something related to such, the mentee or associate, needs to have enough confidence in the person and this would only happen when the person is obviously committed to the mentee’s welfare.

In retrospect, I think I know how to spot such mentors. But when a child opens his arms unto the one who is to carry him, he not only expects to be carried. As a matter of fact, he is opening up his arm because he believes he can trust the carrier.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Writing and Working

Recently, I watched a documentary on the history of slave trade in Nigeria on TV. The emphasis of the historical account was on Bonny and other oil-producing areas of the country. Quick mention was made of the culture of the slave masters of Opobo, Igala and other riverine niches. The interactions of their chiefs with slave masters from within Europe and its environs were discussed, including the letters they wrote. The documentary explained how certain ethnic rulers who benefitted from the trading of their own kind stilled the anti-slavery efforts of enlightened cohabitants of Bonny Kingdom from inception into the colonial era.

The enlightened ones mainly came into Bonny as foreign explorers, itinerant humanitarians and pro-colony officers from England. Others were born into the land as transcultural hybrids of unofficial Afro-British couples, an outcome of copulations between some enlightened aliens and the original dwellers of Bonny Kingdom (even when considered unpopular by the kinsmen of the more enlightened). The minority were enslaved indigenes who became liberated physically and intellectually after receiving freedom from various foreign masters. The latter had the courage to support anti-slavery based on the enlightenment that was acquired during their time with the foreigners. Altogether, the three groups produced individuals that saw the need to fight for the cause of enslaved Nigerian men, women and children during the pre-colonial.

The lesson learnt from the documentary is the value of education.

Education is linguistically valued as one word. Yet, its worth is huge enough to make the difference between slavery and freedom, turmoil and consensus, dehumanization and development, raging terrorism and coordinated inter-action, chaotic survival and hopeful living, leadership and rulership and whatever extremes may result from the promotion of illiteracy. In this case, illiteracy is not only the absence of education or knowledge but also the presence of the will to quit informal and formal means of learning and strongly support the existence of illiteracy in the society.

The pictures of enslaved persons as shown through vivid graphics in the documentary revealed the depth of subjugation that innocent men and women can experience, given the lack of power to physically and intellectually request for freedom. Yet, there are human beings with the same physiological makeup as you and I who do not have the simple benefit of knowing that colour, race, religion and sex are secondary characteristics of human existence; that whether or not we base our segregation on these things, new beings will forever be borne into earth with the same template of human flesh and skeleton.

It therefore appears to me that an educated mind will benefit more from the availability and application of knowledge than it would if it decides to embrace illiteracy in any its diversities. Only a person who knows can reason why or why not. Sometimes, the limits of a person’s knowledge are the constraints of his internal and external creativity. Educating a person promotes him intellectually, increases his or her potential value and nurtures a reasoning that is more beneficial to the society than otherwise. And what is the society if not all that is external is to a person’s body but helps him remain a cultured being?

Perhaps, that is why I continue to write words while working. Some have likened me to Engineer Herbert Macaulay. Others have recommended the published thoughts of Chief Awolowo. But to me, to grow is to be enlightened. To be enlightened is to know no mental slavery. To read words from good sources, even the Holy Bible. To feed my mind with what can cause me to reason more on how my existence can benefit others and I. To understand the meaning of life as a process that involves many choices and to attempt to formally and informally educate myself on how to successfully balance the differences that sex, religion, race and colour may harbour. That I may write and yet work, without shame.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Testifying of the Lord’s Goodness

Sometimes, I ask myself if I am doing the right things. I ask myself this because the decisions I have had to make in recent times are not the same as the ones I had to make last year and the year before.
I ponder and realize that I have friends, family and a very caring God who is so jealous to preserve me and prosper me.

I am not the most spiritual guy. Yet, He makes sure that His Holy Spirit does not abandon his duties regarding me. I am not the most handsome but He ensures that the most intelligent and beautiful ladies are my friends. I am not the wisest, yet He gives me an aura of respect among wise men.
I realize that my future is bright. Regardless of whatever doubts may exist in the mind or heart, the will of God is to move me into the realm of abundance where I have need of nothing because I lack nothing good. That when I want to have something, arrangements have already been made for it to come into my possession.

I am therefore grateful to God that the spate of depression and spiritual wickedness that has succeeded in cutting down the future of many young men, has not overcome me. Indeed, I have boasted in flesh before and mouthed in my own strength in times past. But now, my boasting is in the Lord. My mouthing is based on the power, riches, strength, grace, honour and health that He gives.

I have become a sign unto many, a wonder to great men and an international icon in the making. My generation, even to the ends of the earth, is blessed because of me. The stone which the builders rejected has now become the chief cornerstone. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvellous in my eyes. Praised be the King of all creatures and the universe.