Friday, 13 November 2015

Recent Lines

Days of daylight struggle
Nights of fluorescent-tube study
Laughs of assessor tormentors
Cries of a certain unique survivor
Life has not been peaches and cream
But I’ve come a long way

The eyes are heavy
The breathe remains calm
With cloudy thoughts filling a bleeding heart
Tired butts can’t help but fart
Life has not been a ride in a Prado
But I’ve come a long way

A man of purpose living among the blind
A man of intellect dining among imbeciles
He soon grows weak, lacking nutrients of vision
He goes bunkers, wandering in dire illusion
Life has not been a Christmas package from FedEx
But I’ve come a long way

Robbers serially ran their hands in a poor man’s knapsack
Death once laid its sting upon the life of the King’s Heir
No one was safe; no man could say he saved
But if no would save, why wouldn’t God save?
Life has not been without the breaking of precious vessels
Yet, I’ve come a long way

I ran when the fear within chased me
Fell when doubts sank me, and flew when lies around loved me
The hitherto of my life may seem a sour story to tell
But its future will be a good tale to share
Life has not been lullabies and bedtime stories
Yet, I’ve come a long way

Lemons may taste sour
But sweet lemonade shakes are made from them
Sweet medicine may taste like tawdry poison
But many bitter medicines remove deadly poisons
Beware, for life has a way of deciding your outcome

Keeping this awareness, I determine my fate with harmless faith

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