If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin, an anthology of poems written in Naija langwej is a new addition to the growing foray into literary works in the language. The title symbolically captures the underbelly of the Nigerian socio-economic and political dilemma. Edited by Eriata Oribhabor, 32 different poets used love, culture, friendship, and a myriad of titles and themes. In Nigeria, pidgin is the common leveller that bridges social classes and a language of commerce. If Yu Hie Se A De Prizin is a pregnant statement. It is sure to evoke many rhetorical questions in the minds of any speaker or listener of Nigerian pidgin.

Sam Adeyemi says: If like me, you have wondered why some individuals and even whole nations are locked in a cycle of failure and underdevelopment. Find out in this book. As you read The Second Revolution, you will discover how: Long after oppression leaves, you can still behave like a victim. When it comes to breaking free from the mindset of slavery and embracing true freedom and leading your nation to freedom, this book is a good read.

These books (The Country I Love and Waiting for Justice & Peace) came at a time when many writers were lamenting the diminished practice of reading. The average Nigerian youth would rather watch a movie or music video and leave good books to languish their content upon bookshelves. Book reading requires effort and a thirst for knowledge and that is why people who imbibe the habit usually know more than their peers. Iyeyinka Omigbodun’s novel and collection of poems are a fantastic pair. They represent a literary attempt to restore the hope of common Nigerians in these difficult times and also encourage Nigerians'  inherent love for arts.

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